This fun activity was developed to celebrate V's involvement with The 4 and Rotary Car Nationals. V is all about giving you energy, so why not put all that energy to use making the back wheels of a car smoke up? People sat in one of two V cars and pushed on bike pedals to make it do a burnout. They raced each other, they got engulfed in tyre smoke, they loved it.
To draw attention to Kelly Tarlton's "Myths from the Abyss" promotion for the school holidays we enlisted the Shark Bus to tow around an animal shipping crate that contained a live Taniwha.
To create the optical illusion of walking over a deep and scary ice crevasse, an art technique called Tompe l’oeil (French for "deceive the eye") was used at the entrance into Kelly Tarlton's.
As part of Burger King’s “Wicked Winter” campaign we set up a giant thermometer in one one New Zealand’s coldest places, Queenstown. Then we let everyone see it via a real time live cam. The colder it got there, the hotter the deal got for everyone. If it was a little bit cold people got free cheesy bites. Then as the temperature dropped, they could get hot chocolate pudding, then a Whopper burger, all the way up to an entire hot meal.
Then someone figured out the location and cheated.
We even made a TV ad to spread the word around the country.
After the success of the V Human Powered Burnout, keeping the 4 and Rotary car fans happy was a big ask. So we went big. We did the V Big Air Chilly Bin Jump.
To dramatise the fact that McDonald's uses free range eggs we wanted to create a large chicken run next to key McDonald’s – like the one at the top of the Bombay Hills. We would have McDonald’s staff collecting the eggs to use in the restaurant and free feed pellets so kids to feed the chickens.
We don't normally put work on the website that hasn't actually happened but we made an exception for this.
"If these walls could talk." To publicise BNZ Partner Centres (a space for BNZ business customers to use for free) we cut out actual walls from some of their buildings and put on them a famous story that had happened there. Then we displayed each wall in a prominent place when business people go, like the Koru lounge.
To engage the interesting and varied characters who attend Armageddon (the pop culture convention) we brought to life a classic arcade game. Loaded with energy from V, Planetoids players had two choices, be the shooter or be the asteroid. The asteroids had to run and retrieve their prize from behind the small asteroid on the plinth. The shooters had to shoot them with a (soft) ball before they got there to get the prize for themselves.
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