This is an oil painting Justin did for fun, it's the garage at the top of his street.
This is a spray paint illustration for a Vodafone project.
This is a personal project, it's a screen print of a Kraken about to eat a pirate. The pirate is defiant to the end.
But what if the pirate is not about to be eaten but is instead feeding his pet Kraken.
And what would that pirate think if he meet an astronaut from the future?
And they traveled to the planets of our solar system in a nuclear powered space craft.
Having fun with typography.
These are examples of our concept sketches. They were for an Anchor Fast Start liquid breakfast campaign that featured Kiwi sports stars. You can see the finished ads in the Advertising section of this website.
We channelled our inner "Rat Fink" for this V project.
This lock up for V is illustrated by hand and then taken into the computer to add colour.
This is a personal project, acrylic on board.
This is a personal project, oil on canvas.
I did this watercolour painting for my daughter.
Design Concepts new outdoor furniture store had a huge blank wall that was shouting out for something interesting to go on it. The concept we came up with was an illustration of New Zealand native plants in the style of a Landscape Architects' sketch. That way customers can imagine what the outdoor furniture could look like at their place.
This is the final design. We refined it slightly so that the Nikau palms went onto the columns.
Starting to get the outline on the wall and testing the painting technique.
Close up detail.
More progress, only 7 meters to go.
The finished mural.
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