We made a giant inflatable soccer playing penguin to help market Penguathlon. Penguathlon was a Kelly Tarlton's school holiday promotion were kids could learn about King and Gentoo penguins, discover a some of their personalities and have a go at some penguin sports themselves.
Some of the players in team Gentoo.
And some of the players in team Kings.
There was a big screen showing the games live, in this case the penguins are playing swing ball. Or you could jump on a Hagglunds snow vehicle, go through the avalanche and watch them in person.
The kids could play penguin foosball, penguin quoits or huddle-like-a-penguin.
There was a race where you had to balance an egg on your feet and run while wearing penguin feet. It was great fun for kids of all ages, even us.
Fans could even buy merchandise to support their favourite team.
We developed a new look for Pita Pit's stores. This included murals, signage and various pieces of collateral.
This in-store poster campaign for New World celebrates some of the best bits of summer.
Kelly Tarlton's new sand tiger sharks are so awesome we wanted to do something to celebrate their arrival, here's a small sample of what we did.
We made giant posters.
We gave the staff new t-shirts.
We put up standees to help people understand the plight of sharks around the world and to draw their attention to the shark conservation message.
And the sand tiger sharks got to enjoy their new home.
Pita Pit decided to be a part of The Block. So we made some in-store posters that incorporate the new Pita Pit look. They also made the best use of The Block talent and offered customers some great deals.
We created the name and lock-up for this new Burger King burger and then made this in-store poster - boom!
When Burger King made this burger with whole fish fillets we gave every customer who ordered one a fish size gauge. If their fish fillet was less than 14cm long they could throw it back (to the counter) and they would get a new one. We also created the name, lock-up and in-store poster as part of the campaign.
We created the name, lock-up and in-store poster for this new Burger King offering.
We got wind that Lego was about to launch their new Atlantis range and we thought this would be perfect for a Kelly Tarlton's school holiday campaign. So we teamed up with Lego and developed the Myths from the Abyss. Here's a small selection of some of the things we made. Above is a tank with fish swimming around Lego Atlantis toys and a standee that tells the Atlantis myth and gives the reader the chance to win some Lego Atlantis for themselves.
Here are some more myth standees including a couple from Aotearoa and a tank containing crabs (which the kids could get really close to).
Even though Megalodon is just extinct and not a myth, we felt they are so awesome that the still qualified to be a part of this campaign.
These Pita Pit menus show the wide range of healthy food they sell and they make it look delicious too.
An in-store video for a joint promotion between Pita Pit and Charlies.
Skycity Cinemas liked this in-store poster we made for 3D movies so much they asked for it to be turned into a billboard.
This Pita Pit menu poster was all about letting customers choose their heat setting.
Kelly Tarlton's turned 25 years old and celebrated the only way they new how, with a treasure hunt.
We also made a series of banners that hung from the ceiling in the entrance tunnel that celebrated Kelly's achievements and passions.
Pita Pit got behind another season of The Block and this time wanted to warm their customers up with their winter roast range. So we made the campaign have a warm feeling to it as you can see in these in-store posters.
This is an in-store mural and tank wrap for Kelly Tarlton's.
It's easy to see why this is one of Pita Pit's most popular menu items.
The people who love skiing loved this offer.
This is a cheeky little t-shirt we made for Kelly Tarlton's staff.
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